Auto Parts

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Update time : 2022-07-07 16:53:23

     There are many products in the automotive industry that require cleanliness testing, including metal parts and non-metal parts, mainly including the following parts:

1. Engine: crank connecting rod mechanism, valve train, fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, ignition system, starting system.

2. Gearbox: gears, shafts, bearings, synchronizers, differentials and shifting mechanisms.

3. Oil circuit system: fuel tank, high pressure fuel pump, fuel buffer, fuel pressure regulating valve, gasoline filter, fuel injector, thermostat timer switch and cold start valve (cold start injector) and other components.

4. Transmission: clutch, transmission, universal gear, final drive, differential and half shaft.

5. Braking system: energy supply device, control device, transmission device and brake.

6. Exhaust system: exhaust pipe, catalytic purifier, muffler, tail pipe.

7. Air conditioning system: refrigeration system, heating system, air supply system, operation control system and air purification system, etc.

8. Fuel supply system: gasoline tank, gasoline meter, gasoline pipe, gasoline filter, gasoline pump, carburetor, air filter, fuel injection pump, fuel injector and governor and other main components as well as diesel tank, transmission Auxiliary devices such as oil pump, oil-water separator, diesel filter, fuel injection advancer and high and low pressure oil pipes.

9. New energy vehicle batteries: lithium cobalt oxide battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, nickel metal hydride battery, ternary lithium battery, graphene battery.

10. New energy vehicle motors: stators, rotors, motor shafts, front and rear bearings, end covers, position sensors, temperature sensors, low-voltage wiring harnesses and high-voltage power wiring harnesses.

11. New energy vehicle electronic control: inverter, driver, power supply, module, controller, etc.

And hardware fasteners: screws, nuts, springs, washers, etc.


Equipment: JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet, JS100 Technical Cleanliness Inspection System.