1.Part Cleanliness Inspection Reasons?
In order to ensure the safety and reliability of parts performance

2.What are the components of cleanliness solution?
Solutions include cleanliness cleaning and extraction equipment, cleanliness analysis systems, balances, ovens, etc.

3.Principles of cleanliness testing
Using a certain extraction method, the contaminants are separated from the sample into the cleaning solution by the cleaning solution within a specified time, and finally the extraction solution is filtered onto the test filter membrane, and the weight, quantity and nature of the particles on the filter membrane are analyzed.

4.What parts can the cleanliness analysis system inspect?
1. Engine 2. Gearbox 3. Oil circuit system 4. Transmission 5. Brake system 6. Exhaust system 7. Air conditioning system 8. Fuel supply system, etc.

5.Why use the cleanliness lab?
A dust-free cleanliness laboratory is the foundation of contamination control. Control the concentration of airborne particulates to achieve particulate cleanliness levels.

6.What do I need to know to do a cleanliness test?
1. Understand the exact dimensions, tolerances and material composition of components. 2. To understand the nature and quantity of the contaminants being cleaned. 3. Determine the benchmark for cleanliness. 4. Develop a cleanliness control process. 5. Do a comprehensive and accurate cleanliness test.