ISO16232&VDA19.1 Training

Since 2010, we work on technical cleanliness analysis and extraction systems according to VDA 19.1, ISO 16232 and internal specifications. With years of industry experience and a huge customer base, Jetblue engineer can provide you with professional technical cleanliness training from the fundamentals of technical cleanliness to assembly cleanliness according to ISO16232, VDA19.1 and internal specifications. We also hold training courses completely individually to your requirements at your site or at our factory.


With us, you´ll learn the theory from applied practice. We will be happy to share our experience and to provides our customers with confidence and peace of mind. We will help provide professional suggestions for your production, cleaning and assembly processes, and also provide corresponding suggestions for your technical cleanliness staffing and the way to obtain VDAQMC certificates to ensure that they comply with VDA 19.1 and ISO16232 standards technical cleanliness requirements.