Innovative with R&D - Adhere to technological innovation and product research & development.

Utilize unique cutting-edge technology and talent advantages to produce products with international competitive advantages, not only for the Chinese market, but also for the world. Aim to be the world market leader in technical cleanliness analysis system.


Stable Team - Technical Training, Low Turnover of Staff.

Pay attention to staff training and technical training, and has built a professional team with technical expertise, quick response, unity and cooperation.

Profound technical accumulation and efficient and perfect R&D system to make a low turnover of staff come true.


Dependable Service - Lean Manufacturing, Professional Service.

Our technically trained sales engineers have extensive product knowledge and extensive application and industry experience. Customers can get on-site technical support to quickly resolve application problems and save valuable time.


Professional Training -- Qualify your employees in Technical Cleanliness

We can provide professional suggestions for your production, cleaning and assembly processes, and also provide corresponding suggestions for your technical cleanliness staffing and the way to obtain VDAQMC certificates to ensure that they comply with VDA 19.1 and ISO16232 standards for technical cleanliness degree requirements.