Magnetic Materia

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Update time : 2022-07-08 16:47:56

     Magnetic materials are widely used in production practice, but due to the characteristics of magnetic materials themselves, a large amount of dirt is adsorbed on the surface during processing, and it is difficult to completely clean with traditional cleaning methods. In the process of processing and using magnetic materials, In particular, cleaning must be carried out before coating, and the level of cleanliness also determines the performance and quality of magnetic materials. With the development of the magnetic material industry and the intensification of competition, the cleaning quality in the preparation and processing of magnetic materials is affected. The requirements are also getting higher and higher.



The ultrasonic cleaning process is designed according to the common characteristics of dirt on the surface of magnetic materials. Adding pressure cleaning after the ultrasonic cleaning process overcomes the shortcomings of ultrasonic cleaning and can significantly improve the cleanliness of the cleaned workpiece and the extraction of pollutants.


Scheme configuration

Environment: 20m² clean room

Equipment: JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet, JS100 Technical Cleanliness Inspection System.