Ohaus PR124ZHE 1/10,000th Balance

Item No.: PR124ZHE
Clever design
Easy to operate
Multiple weighing modes
Strong stability
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Ohaus PR124ZHE 1/10,000th Balance



     The Ohaus PR series electronic balances are general purpose balances for everyday weighing. To meet your daily weighing needs in the laboratory, industry, and education fields, PR analytical and precision balances are excellent in performance and affordable. Equipped with 3 common weighing modes: basic weighing, piece counting, percent weighing.



1. The PR is ingeniously designed, and the small scale foot saves the desktop space, thus providing a spacious weighing space. The PR is built to be durable and the stainless steel weighing pan withstands heavy use day in and day out on the job. ABS plastic housing, removable stainless steel weighing pan and glass hood with top sliding door, under-mounted weighing hook, anti-theft lock, protective cover.

2. Large backlit LCD display and unusually simple user interface, so that it can be used without training.

3. The user can adjust the environmental parameters and brightness, automatic tare, automatic darkening, set the range calibration point, software lock and reset menu; can adjust the communication settings and data printing options; the user can customize the project name and user ID, software Overload/underload indication, stability indication.

4, 4 mechanical buttons, quickly enter a variety of weighing modes.

5. RS232 communication interface (one interface is standard).





Weighing value

120 g


0.1 mg

Repeatability (standard deviation)

0.1 mg

Linearity error

±0.2 mg

Stable schedule

3 s

Temperature drift (PPM/K)



Milligram, Gram, Kilogram, Ounce, Pound, Carat, Pennyweight, Troy Ounce, Newton

Weighing mode

Basic Weighing, Piece Counting, Percent Weighing

Weighing pan size

Ø 90 mm

Peeling range

Full scale

Power requirements

Power input: 100–240V~200mA, 50–60Hz, 12–18VA Power output: 12V DC 0.5A

Overall size (W × D × H)

201×317×333 mm

Communication Interface


Operating temperature range

10°C - 30° C

Operating Humidity Range

Below 30°C, the humidity can reach 80%, 30 - 40°C, the humidity decreases linearly to 50%

Net weight

4.5 kg

Shipping weight

7 kg

Shipping Dimensions (W × D × H)

507 × 387 × 531 mm



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