JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet

Item No.: JC767
Reliable component cleanliness extraction equipment
Controlled extraction environment (laminar flow cabinet)
Automatic and programmable
Fewer human errors
Closed cleaning space, reliable test results
Can be customized according to customer requiremen
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JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet



JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet equipped with cleaning modes such as pressure jet cleaning, perfusion cleaning, spray cleaning, etc., the cleaning agent's on-line filtration and membrane making, circulating fine filtration and recovery functions realize the synchronous cleaning of parts and the filtration and recovery of particulate pollutants, which can collect the particulate pollutants on the surface of parts to the surface of filter membrane in time, and the filter membrane samples can be obtained after cleaning the parts, thus reducing the retention time of particulate pollutants in the cleaning agent; It subverts the traditional manual cleaning and testing method, standardizes the cleanliness testing process and improves the testing efficiency.

JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet’s working status is displayed in real time, and the cleaning pressure and flow are adjustable. With different cleaning nozzles, it can quickly and easily clean the inner cavity channels, blind holes, and pollutants on the overall surface of the parts. It is widely used in the cleanliness detection of various auto parts. Particulate matter extraction and sample preparation. Meet ISO16232-2007, VDA19.1, GB/T3821-2005 and other technical cleanliness testing standards and enterprise-defined standards, and meet the extraction and sample preparation of surface particulate matter from major auto parts such as Tesla, Volkswagen, GM, and Ford.



This equipment comes standard with high-pressure automatic spraying, manual high-pressure washing and high-pressure perfusion cleaning, and is widely used for particle extraction and sample preparation when testing the surface cleanliness of various automobile parts. For example: engine block, cylinder head, gear, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, valve, piston, rocker arm, transmission shaft pin, oil pump, water pump, turbocharger, oil pipeline and other components and assembly cleanliness inspection. You can also add special ultrasonic cleaning unit for small component and upgrade it to JC767 Pro Component Cleanliness Cabinet.

Operating Process

Step 1. Take out the filter membrane to be filtered and detected (5μm filter membrane is adopted by default, and the customer can specify the filter membrane with corresponding specification accuracy) and place it in an oven at a setting temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, and the drying time is generally 30 minutes;

Step 2. Put the dried filter membrane in a drying dish and cool it at room temperature for 30 minutes;

Step 3.The filter membrane cooled to room temperature is taken out and placed in an electronic balance (0.1mg accuracy) to weigh the filter membrane and record the value G1;

Step 4. The weighed filter membrane is placed at the filter membrane holder of JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet;

Step 5. The workpiece to be tested is placed in the cleaning chamber of the JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet, and the parameters to be pressure flushed are input, the pressure range is 0-0.6Mpa, and the liquid storage tank is 30L;

Step 6. After the parameters are set, the workpiece starts to be washed. At this time, the equipment automatically filters the membrane and fine filtration for recovery. After the entire cycle of washing the workpiece, take out the filter membrane at the filter membrane holder;

Step 7. Take out the filter membrane and place it in an oven at 80 degrees for 30 minutes;

Step 8. Put the dried filter membrane in a drying dish and cool it at room temperature for 30 minutes;

Step 9. The filter membrane cooled to room temperature is taken out and placed in an electronic balance (0.1mg accuracy) to weigh the filter membrane and record the value G2;

Step 10. At this time, the workpiece is checked for weight G=G2-G1 according to the weighing method;

Step 11. After the filter membrane is weighed, it is placed in the cleanliness detection and analysis system to analyze the particles on the filter membrane;



1. Pressure jet cleaning

Pressure jet cleaning is divided into manual pressure washing and automatic perfusion pressure washing. Manual pressure washing extraction is based on the requirements of the corresponding standards, and the washing pressure, flow rate, liquid volume, time, and effective particle extraction on the product surface can be preset. The automatic perfusion pressure flushing extraction can preset flushing pressure, flow rate, liquid volume, time according to the requirements of the corresponding standards, and perform effective particle extraction inside the product cavity.

2. On-line filtration sample preparation

The cleaning agent after cleaning the parts passes through the online filter, which can realize synchronous automatic cleaning, filtering and sample preparation, and collect the particle pollutants on the surface of the parts in the cleaning solution to the surface of the detection filter in time. The particle filtration and collection device is equipped with a three-stage filtration system, which can be selected and placed with different pore size filter membranes at the same time according to needs, so as to facilitate the classification and collection of particles according to the particle size range, so that the particles can be more evenly distributed on each filter membrane, and the process can be carried out more accurately. Image scanning and analysis.

3. Equipment self-cleaning

Before the equipment detects the cleanliness of the parts, it needs to perform the system blank value detection. Only after the blank value of the equipment is qualified, it can be used to detect the surface cleanliness index of the parts. The blank value index of the equipment meets the ISO16232-3 standard, and the blank value is less than or equal to 0.3mg/150um.

4. Circulating fine filtration cleaning agent

Use special cleaning liquid for equipment cleanliness. Cleaning liquid is the carrier used to extract particulate pollutants in the equipment, and the cleaning liquid itself can't have any pollutants that affect the test result data. The equipment integrates the function of automatic precision filtering cleaning liquid to ensure that the cleaning liquid is clean before cleaning parts, and its own cleanliness can be checked by the terminal filtering device.

5. Add cleaning agent/change cleaning agent

One-time loading capacity of the equipment is 30L; The cleaning liquid is added through the liquid adding port, and the user can choose the adding amount as appropriate according to the cleaning detection requirements. When the cleaning liquid needs to be replaced, select the corresponding control button, and open the cleaning liquid discharging port to automatically discharge the waste liquid.

6. Cleaning parameter adjustment

According to different cleanliness detection standards, the cleaning time, cleaning jet pressure, cleaning time and jet flow are adjusted by program control. According to the product cleanliness detection and extraction rules, the cleaning process is automatically controlled to achieve the cleaning and extraction of products with different requirements.

7. Auxiliary lighting

Industrial waterproof and explosion-proof LED auxiliary lighting lamp is energy-saving, environment-friendly, safe and reliable, and its protection level is IP67.

8. Cleaning the functional area of liquid circulation filtration

Use the cleaning liquid special for equipment cleanliness, which is the carrier for extracting particulate pollutants in the equipment. The cleaning liquid itself must not have pollutants that affect the test result data. The equipment integrates the function of automatic and precise filtration of cleaning liquid, and the cleaning liquid passes through five-stage series filtration devices, with the aperture of 1μm in the first stage and 0.45μm in the second stage. The third stage adopts 0.2μm aperture; The fourth stage adopts 0.1um aperture; The fifth-stage pore diameter of 0.1um: the five-stage series circulation filtration cleaning solution is recycled by multi-stage filter element, and after multi-stage filter element filtration, the cleanliness of cleaning solution before cleaning parts is ensured.


5-level filtration (3 groups of external equipment and 2 groups of internal equipment)

9. Three-stage automatic filtration and extraction device

Using a three-layer automatic filtration extraction device, three filter membranes with different pore sizes can be placed at the same time, so as to collect impurities of different sizes by classification, so that the impurities will not accumulate as much as possible due to the large number of impurities, so that they can be distributed more evenly in the On each filter membrane, it is convenient for more accurate particle size image analysis, size measurement of large and small particles, and statistical analysis of the number of particles of different grades.



Cleaning Chamber Interior


Internal mirror polishing


        Cleaning chamber interior


                  Workpiece support and spray gun



JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet

Cleaning equipment material

304 stainless steel

Cleaning chamber size(mm)


Liquid storage tank capacity(L)

30 (Optional according to demand)

Overall size(mm)


Five-stage circulating filtration

1.0um,0.45um,0.2um, 0.1um,0.1um five-stage series circulation filtration

Tertiary filter membrane

One-button automatic clamping, specifications Ø47mm and Ø50mm, according to customer's custom.

Automatic lifting door

One-button automatic uniform lift (pneumatic explosion-proof design)

Special high cleaning pump

Customized high-pressure pump with JETBLUE

Cleaning room material

Mirror 304 stainless steel

Control System

Digital touch screen is equipped with JETBLUE control system.

Stainless steel cleaning water gun

Customized stainless steel with cylindrical nozzle

Air filtration

Multistage precision filtration

Cleaning pipeline

The pipeline adopts food grade inner and outer polished SUS304 one-time forming tube


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